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Reopening a Museum

The communications plan behind reopening a newly renovated museum.

On September 3, 2021, Mingei International Museum reopened to the public after an extensive three-year renovation. Located in the heart of Balboa Park in San Diego, Mingei International Museum celebrates folk art, craft, and design — the art of the everyday people.

In 2019 I began working for Mingei, right in the midst of its renovation. For this project, I managed the print advertising as well as all press and digital communications in collaboration with two external consultants and one digital communications agency. There was strong media coverage of the Museum’s reopening (most notably a feature in The New York Times), and Mingei’s social media accounts increased engagement and audience drastically.

Highlight of Social Media Metrics

  • Facebook Messaging about Mingei’s reopening increased page performance by 117% in August

  • Twitter engagements nearly doubled in August with a 96% increase

  • In September Instagram profile actions increased by 234%

  • For LinkedIn engagement increased by 119% in September

More Metrics

  • Mingei’s monthly email list has added 700 new subscribers during this period

  • During reopening week Mingei’s website had 43,723 page views and 5,821 new users

Project Gallery

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