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Mingei Creative Challenge

Inspiring creativity via email.

After researching Mingei International Museum’s audience, we found that many museum members, social media followers, and visitors were also artists, craftspeople, and designers. To better connect with this creative audience, we produced an email series called Mingei's Creative Challenge.

The Mingei Creative Challenge was a three-week email program featuring creative prompts based on objects in the museum's permanent collection. Every Monday for three weeks, subscribers received one email with seven creative prompts. In addition to engaging our creative audience, this email program also converted social media followers into email subscribers. A call went out across the museum's social media platforms to sign up for the Mingei Creative Challenge.

Afterward, we sent participants a survey on their experience, which received overwhelmingly positive responses. One user shared that “I love the prompts. The variety was great. Some required more time or materials, but I felt I could choose those that suited my mood or time frame.”

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